Last update: Sun, Jul 29, 2012 at 12:22 PM.
Open Discussion
    • There have been two changes proposed to the walkthrough document for rssCloud.
    • 1. Adding a domain parameter to the REST request for notification. (9/13/09)
    • 2. Adding a challenge parameter to the verfication of a notification request.
    • There hasn't been much discussion of these proposals other than to say people like the ideas. No one has said there are deal-stoppers, or lack of clarity on what was proposed.
    • I'd like to hear from anyone that sees problems with these proposals. If, after a period of open comments, say four or five days, there is still a consensus that these are good ideas, here's what I propose to do:
    • 1. I will implement the features in my own rssCloud implementation and in River2.
    • 2. I will add descriptions of the additions to the walkthrough.
    • 3. I will recommend that others implement the features as well.
    • So this is a really opportune moment to speak up if you see a problem!
    • Also to people who say I "control" the spec, both fo these ideas came from other people. I don't need the features for my implementation, but others have expressed a need for these features. I am helping to move them through the community. Further, if you can't be bothered to roll up your sleeves and help make sure these features are clearly documented now, then your objections later will look like excuses to make trouble, rather than help an open project avoid problems. Your opinions will be heard now, loud and clear, so let's hear them. Thanks! :-)
    • Dave Winer, September 29, 2009
      New York NY
    • I've implemented the two proposed changes.
    • 1. You can call my cloud with the domain parameter. So if you subscribe to the Scripting News feed, for example, you can add a domain parameter to the registration call. If you do so, your REST notification handler must be prepared for the challenge protocol outlined in Joseph Scott's proposal. It will reject the request if your handler doesn't echo back the challenge parameter.
    • 2. I've implemented the aggregator side of the challenge parameter in River2. If the notification handler receives a GET, and there are two parameters, url and challenge, it follows the protocol outlined in Joseph Scott's proposal. If you have a cloud server you want to test that supports the challenge protocol, let me know the address of the feed, and I'll try subscribing. That offer is good for the next few days. After that you are free to install River2 and test it yourself. :-)
    • Please report any problems or questions in the comments below.